We're not just business buyers, we're strategic partners.

For most business owners, taking on equity capital or selling a business is an infrequent occurrence. When it comes to M&A transactions, it’s personal. Let us be your next strategic partner. 

Target Industry Sectors


Recession resistant B2B and B2C services businesses with recurring revenues and high margins. 

Real Estate

Hard assets, including commercial, cash-flowing real estate in steady markets. 


Asset light businesses with unlimited upside scale and known fixed costs. 


Niche manufacturing businesses in non-commodity industries.


Certain medical and healthcare services sectors. 


Internet and ecommerce businesses in both B2B and B2C sectors. 

We partner with successful entrepreneurs

We work with successful entrepreneurs in the scale, acquisition and sale of successful businesses and real assets. 

Connecting sellers and buyers in advantageous mergers & acquisitions. 

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