We acquire & invest in profitable companies.

Let us help you take your profitable, private business to the next level by letting us invest human and financial capital into your business.

Our Process

We run a simple, transparent process in the acquisition of businesses and business assets. 


Initial Business Assessment

Initial financial, operational, marketing and legal business review. 


Letter of Intent

Mutually agreeable letter of intent (LOI) and offer. 


Due Diligence

Comprehensive due diligence and review of the company. 


Closing & Funding

You exit at the closing table with a fully funded deal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the acquisition process typically take?

We like to keep the process long enough to perform complete due diligence, but not too long as to kill the deal. In short, our typical process takes 90 to 120 days, but can be extended depending on the size and complexity of the deal. 

What is your investment strategy and thesis?

Our investment thesis is industry agnostic, meaning that we make investments across a wide range of sectors and industries. We focus on investments that offer both growth potential and profitability, regardless of sector or industry. We prioritize these profitable investments because we believe they will maximize returns for our investors over the long term.

We employ a rigorous assessment to uncover opportunities and mitigate risk. We have a deep understanding of the markets in which we operate and use this knowledge to our advantage when making decisions.

We will invest in nearly any industry and are opportunistic in our approach to sourcing and closing deals with private companies. 

What is your timeline for return on investment?

We typically seek investments with a mid-term or long-term horizon, depending on the target company’s goals and objectives. Whenever possible, we strive to develop a customized timeline for return on investment with our target companies that balances their goals against our own.

We also take into consideration the macroeconomic outlook and the specific industry sector when determining suitable timelines for investment returns. In most cases, we look to achieve returns within a three-to-five year timeframe.

How do you typically structure your transactions?

Our typical investment structures depend on the size and complexity of the transaction.

For smaller deals, we tend to use a traditional equity structure with preferred stock and some form of a control instrument such as warrants or “founder vesting” agreements.

For larger transactions, we may employ mezzanine debt financing backed by personal guarantees from founders or other forms of security. We also have experience using hybrid structures that combine both equity and debt components for maximum returns. In doing so, we always strive to create an optimal capital structure for our target companies that provides access to growth capital without taking away excessive control or diluting existing shareholders too much.

This tailored approach allows us to adequately protect our investments while providing attractive returns over time.

Our goal is always to help build long-term value in our portfolio companies through strategic guidance, support and funding. We understand that every company has unique needs, so we strive to structure each deal accordingly in order maximize success potential while protecting against downside risk wherever possible.

What is your reputation in the market and how do you maintain it?

We have a strong reputation in the market for being reliable, honest and professional. We maintain our reputation by ensuring our investments are sound and that we operate with integrity. Our experienced management team has a long track record of successful investments and we continue to uphold high standards when making investment decisions. We stay up-to-date on industry trends and utilize our expertise to guide strategic decisions that create value for all stakeholders, including investors, company executives, shareholders, lenders, suppliers and customers. Furthermore, we develop detailed due diligence processes to assess every opportunity carefully before investing or entering into any deal. Our commitment to protecting investor capital while maximizing returns is paramount in maintaining our market reputation as a reliable partner for success.

We partner with successful entrepreneurs

We work with successful entrepreneurs in the scale, acquisition and sale of successful businesses and real assets. 

Connecting sellers and buyers in advantageous mergers & acquisitions. 

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