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About Us

For less than the cost of a single analyst,

we bring years of hands-on transaction experience to your buy-side mandate


Nate is an experienced advisor in capital transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and capital formation. He is based in Seattle, WA.

Nate Nead

Principal & Managing Member

Carl is an experienced corporate consultant with deep experience in operations and finance. He is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Carl Christensen

Principal & Managing Member


From initial engagement to eventual business exit, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to the success of each client engagement. We work a proven, repeatable process for maximizing client value by creating both broad and strategic auctions for each of the companies we represent. From initial client engagement our team places a keen focus on finding the best possible fit at the highest value for our clients.

Our goal is to maximize the value of our clients’ businesses and business assets, working directly with them to ensure a smooth and amicable process through negotiation, due diligence and eventual deal close. With a network of value-adding professionals, we pride ourselves on the ability to ensure our clients’ desired end goals are met. Generally, our capital process involves the following:

  • Initial Engagement & Client Evaluation
  • Valuation, Book Preparation & Market Positioning
  • Seller Targeting, Selection & Outreach
  • Negotiation & Deal Value Enhancement
  • Due Diligence & Close
  • Repeat

By bringing a systematized process to each client engagement—with added flexibility and adaptation—we ensure our clients receive the right capital partner at the right capital price, providing a win-win for both buyer and seller. Buying, selling and investing in middle market business is no longer about “who you know.” Today’s most successful deals incorporate disciplined processes, expert financial analysis and honed M&A negotiations. Our processes provide superb returns for buyers, sellers and investors alike. By combining expert deal teams with operating processes and procedures we are best able to regularly deliver timely results.

Looking to grow your business by acquisition? Get in touch with us today.